The rave scene has changed, it will never be what it once was. Yet, even if I haven't been raving for long, I still go to each party just to be there and support the scene as much as I can, as one person. I think it is disgusting what people are doing to the scene. Every day I find myself sorry to say that I'am a raver. Because the second I say that a typical person automatically thinks 'oh she must do drugs...' I won't deny that I have done drugs, but I know thats not the reason to go to a rave. Raves are places for people to go and break free. Be themselves and meet new people, hear new deejays spin and have fun. Now when I go to a rave I'm more or less, trying to help someone who is sick because they took too much, or constantly being asked if I wanna buy some pills or k. Raves are still alive, I give mad respect to those out there that are still true to the scene and what it is really about MUSIC!!!

<3 ducky