Let's talk music.I am just not impressed with the lineups for AZ parties.Half the time I'm flying to Cali,or the midwest to groove.Much respect to anyone playing music but the lineups are all locals,playing local records from the store that represents them,that's cool if this excites you but not me.If I see one more trance dj,I'm gonna puke.I mean I'm sure you guys will cheer when Paul Oakenfold comes to town again but WHERE'S THE FLAVA?(he's not that good)Where's the jungle at in this city?So here I am thinking well if you don't like it do something about it but it isn't a sound investment.I'll stick to real estate and bonds thank you. Even the club events are lame.Freedom trys so hard but falls short every weekend.Did anyone go to DEMF?(Detroit electronic music fest, for those who have to ask)At least I could dust off my dancin kicks. What's the point? Come on promoters represent, make this something more than a retirement state for the oldie and country mecca for redneck cowboys.