I love raves. I agree soo much with the person who wrote that the media should leave Raves alone. They arent about drugs, sex, alcohol, and bad stuff? Maybe reporters should hook up with a group of people who go to raves alot, so they can experience the good parts of raves, like PLUR, and meeting new people, and expressing yourself through dancing, music, clothing, and other stuff. I've recently got into the rave scene ALOT. But the fucked up thing is, i've never been to one mainly because my mom wont let me because of the media talking about extasy, and other drugs. I do not do drugs. I have, but i dont anymore. I dont think that you need to use a mind stimulant to enjoy life. Its fine that other people want to do it, and thats their choice, not mine. Reporters should look on the good side of raves more. But it seems like they are just making excuses to ruin a culture of music crazed, dance loving, glowstick waving, make-your-own-style social maniacs that are into! a good time and meeting interesting people. Jocks, and hoochies are not that interesting. And thats all that society wants us to really be. Dressing like a 4 year old and finding your inner child is so amazing. I just wish that the world would experience what ravers have. Also, if anyone wants to help me throw a rave in montana, email me ! I need to go to one! <33333

Love yah!

Ok i seriously need help. Me and my friend hannah have been trying to throw an underground, hopefully DRUG FREE, rave. Its would be the first rave in montana. and i wanna do it! I just need help. I have no DJ's, or even a place to have it! I was thinking an outdoor rave, but its too cold even in the summer time. And these cops up here would flip if we had it. Probably because they would be missing out on a spectacular party. Theres alot of Dj's up here, my boy is one, but they only play r&b, rap, and pop. I need techno! Happycore, Trance, House, Jungle.. everything like that! Will someone help a candy starved sweetie (Me) and a party-til-u-drop girl(Hannah)? Email me!!