i know that raves will never be what they were two or three years ago...i have given up on the hope of this state ever wanting more than trance, happy hardcore, and nrg. and in seeing this, i too find myself traveling across the state into california just to hear some variety. this is why i find myself drifting farther and farther away from az. scene every fuckin day. and now onto the drug issue. for those of u saying that drugs are not apart of the rave scene need to wake up....almost every raver that u meet will tell u that the reason why him/her joined the scene was because of the drugs....no matter how much u bitch and moan it will always be a fact. and with all the media bullshit that goes on nowadays, all u can do is be patient and wait for the hype to pass. sooner or later the govt. will divert their attention to something bigger and more important than our culture. but as for now, i'm laying low:(

az raver