Im quite new to the rave scene. My first rave was back in the summer. Iv since been to a few more raves. I go for the Music, Enviroment, Be with friends, and have a great time. I do go on E at the raves I goto because Its fun.

Just b4 I got into it a person died at a rave in the city I live in. Ever since that there has been all this bullshit about how its just a big drug party. When my parents try to bitch at me for going.(say try becayse im 19 and they have no controle any mroe lol) I set em straight. That dumb chick was drinking and doing E and god knows what else. As long as people are responcible. There will be no problem.

Also. the people u meet at raves are the nicest people I think Iv ever met. Theres no bullshit. Iv NEVER seen a fight or even anybody get mad at someone else. I personally feel safer at a rave than i do at a house party.

Personally I hope all the unresponcible people dont rune raving for the rest of us who know how to handle our selves. I would love for my children to be able to attend raves when there old enough.

Also I have a good friend who is a DJ and have watched him practice on his turn tables. The skill it takes to spin must be intense.

Im going to end this and say.....Anyone who says raves are only about the drugs are kidding them selves and probally havent even been to a real rave. Because If they did. They would see that its soo much more than the drugs