1994-2003 i have seen the changes in our culture firsthand. at my first electronica event I instantly fell in love with everything about plur. being part of the vibe. meeting diverse people and interacting with them intelligently. the music was like my air, for i could not live without it. overtime i drowned myself in the religion of hedonism and the culture that i felt was my own. i remember finding maps on telephone polls giving directions to a "gathering" in the desert. or possibly the map would lead you to a rundown illegal warehouse. that was back in the day. i remember the emergence of clubs. i have seen everything. the happiness created by events. the downside to abusing drugs. the ever evolving misconception that the scene is not what it used to be. throughout my experiences in the electronica scene i have become a better person. sure, i had the 6 month stint at a rehab in boston because i was on the whole alphabet 7 days a week. but after doing intricate reflections regarding my innerself, i now know that because of plur i stand today where i am. i left rehab in boston during october 2002 and since then have just vigorously focused on what mattered the most to me when i started- the music, not the drugs. since then i have become a resident dj at 2 different clubs in az and i love mixing my provacative progressive trance/house. i plan on leaving this state behind to move to the east coast where i can expose more people to my sound. i have a little advice for the lovely state of az...

-plur forever
-respect the elder and teach the newbie
-if you use don't abuse
-life is only what you make it
-this scene is only what you make it

this world is everchanging. people change. without change life would be dull. as each day goes by, a human species evolves hopefully into a more mature, knowledgeable, and responsible being. change is the center of human existence. i have learned to welcome change with open arms. as long as the change is positive, then i have become a better person. if the change is negative, then we just hurt ourselves and the culture that we endorse with all our hearts. simply put, gone are the wild days and hello to the real world. if we want this scene to evolve into a respectable culture, we need to start from within. if everybody stops to analyze how they are actually contributing to our culture then maybe change can be for the better. otherwise it is just a harsh reality that eventually we ourselves, with nobody else to blame, were the ones that ultimately killed the vibe. its not the media. its not the cops. its not the drugs. this goes for myself, you, a friend, anybody who has ever claimed to live plur to the fullest. hopefully in the future my children's children will get to experience electronica music with the same liberties and freedoms that i enjoyed. we must not let this culture die in a negative sphere of rampant rage and utter disgust. take the ball into your own hands, and make of it what you wish. thanks for listening and email me if you like. just had to let out some stuff on my mind. take care people.

dj empyre ceo nme 2003