I went to my first rave last year,an event called elation held at elctroworkz in angel,playing hadrcore and old skool, it was my first time doing everything,did'nt even realised i'd come up until i looked in the mirror and my eyes were popping out of my face,hehe,it literaly opened up my eyes to a whole new world,it was incredibly easy to talk to people,as eveyone was well friendly(i do blame little ones 4 that)and i danced so hard i as hobbeling the next day but still i think it was one of the best experiances i have,conterary to wot people say the seen is'nt dead u just have to find the right places, but at the end of the day we all go down to shock it till the early hours and drop lifes problems and ultimatly feel good about ourselves and the world around us,and people who got a problem with that don't go u get me,see u all at raindance....:)