How many ravers does it take to change a light bulb?

-Thousands; one to change it, and the rest to gripe about how much better the *old* lightbulb was!

Hey kids, I've been involved with the Colorado rave scene for years, and I'll tell ya... it's hurting! Cities are banning raves left and right, party kids are growing jaded, and kandy kids are all but extinct :( But you know what? There's still a few of us that do what we can to keep the vibe alive, and make every party we go to the best party we possibly can! The way I see it, it doesn't matter if the scene's changed or not... work with what you're given. Don't reminice about PLUR and "the good ol' days" and such... LIVE IT! :) It's all we can do anymore! What image do we want to give the new generation of party kids; the jaded elitist, or the PLUR-based kandy kid? Given the choice, I'd choose the kandy vibe *any* day :) Just something to think about! :D