I think that the negative attitude that peolple are bringing to the parties is exactly why people arent having as much fun. If you bitch and moan about how the scene is going to shit, then inevitably it will be. If you show up to a party expecting something great and fabulous...you will probably be disappointed. Just relax, listen and dance. Dont mind the youngin next to you rolling his/her head out. You were once there yourself. When I started going to parties, I was 19 and I felt like the youngest one there. True, the parents of today dont have a grip on what their kids are doing late at night, and I blame them. But, if you were 13-17 and had the oppertunity to party all night, would'nt you take advantage? And you younger people in the scene....one thing. Dont take too much! Plain and simple. Too much of anything at once will hurt you. Then you get in trouble by mom and dad, and it ruins it for the rest of us. Stay in school. Life isn't all about the night life. You need to play the best of both worlds. Responsible by day...freak by night! It's the attituded and vibe that makes the scene what it is. Not the drugs. So dont get pissed when you get asked if you have or want to buy any drugs. They are part of the scene weather you like it or not. If everyone would just remember that good vibes matter, the scene would thrive. Please......bring good vibes!


Dj Hazmat