Arizona is unique. The scene in AZ was great. Im uncertain about how it is nowadays, or how its been sice 2001. It's currently 2006 and I look back at the memories I had enjoying the scene. All the people that made the scene thrive from 1995-2001 are all gone. Some are dead, jailed, in punk bands, some are probably homeless bums that you see on the freeway exits.. how knows. Anyways the problem with the scene is that it was just a scene. It was solely based on popularity and not ethics. Its a culture that was clueless to its potential. what Im getting at it's you thats the problem...not the music, the location, the promoter etc... it was you. Who was supposed to make the scene better, safer, and more of were. You gave up on creativity. I personally was involved in many functions and the direction that the scene was headed in 2000-2001 was embrassing. We had posers running around, looking for a niche to squezze into. We had wannabe druggies and their wannabe dealers trying to control the scene.. there were idiots injecting themselves anally with ketamine, there were british dudes running around grouping unsuspecting females & males...there were kids looking for aceptance in a scene that was accepting, venues that couldnt keep it together, moms and dads looking for there kids and asking promoters what kind of festival is this? see if you step outside of the scene and try to analyze the above mentioned you may realize that somewhere along the lines it was the party goers that were destroying the scene, causing dateline exclusives and bringing the media into it.
I moved far away to start a new life, get married and have kids and so forth.. I wasnt an addict to drugs...(except to vinyl records)..I was clean..and still am to this day.. I found the level of sucess that I was looking for as a DJ elsewhere due to the fact that I wasnt into giving BJ's to promoters or engaging in orgys...Its about skills, music, and honesty. Im retired from the scene that I was involved in for 17 years of my life.. and I wish you all the best...Just remember that its you that make the difference.. and its you that makes the change.

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