I live now in Germany again but I was living from 1993 to 2001 in Phoenix and I really liked the thriving electronic music scene. The desert and warehouse raves were amazing and I am so sad to hear that its not the same anymore

I used to hang out with the guys from SWELL but unfortunately I havent heard from them in years. Though, I was trying to keep the connection alive by sending posters, flyers, etc from the European scene, I havent heard back from them so I knew something is not right with the Phoenix scene but that it is falling apart I would never have thought!

I love to be in Germany again cuz the scene and music is evolving to higher levels ... MINIMAL music is the shit at the moment and is being played all over the place.
(www.monopark.net then click on MUSIC ... awesome minimal sets ;))

Last year I went to the LOVE PARADE in Berlin (800.000 people), MAYDAY in Dortmund (only 25.000 lol), NATURE ONE (55.000) and many other clubs and events throughout Germany and Europe.

Unfortunately, America is NOT the land of the free and that made me leave in 2002. I was so sick of the laws and the conservative Americans, sick of Bush politics, sick of Joe Arpaio, sick of the mf-bouncer who grabbed my beer just after 1am, sick of the candy ravers, sic of neon lights, sick of no tits on TV (joke lol)... a lot of factors which I cant all mention here.

In Europe you will not get jailed if you are a "user" of ANY KIND of so-called-drugs, Mary Jane is legal here for example but its not about that ... its about being free, open-minded, liberal and living it !

You all know wut Im sayin

I loved the parties in Arizona - RIP !

Peace & be wild from Germany

Feb 2007