IComment from Germany to "I dont understand y everyone ...":

Some ppl take drugs to enhance the feeling of the music and vision while partying which is totally OK as long as they dont hurt themselves or others and if u know ur limits.

Its wishful thinking that the majority of clubbers r not going to take substances to alter their minds anymore. It aint that easy to dance for many hours through without "a lil help" ... be it drugs, alcohol,power-drinks and food, etc.

Fact is: The music is not the same without altering your mind. Its only half the fun u could get. The music is more intense. If that is healthy or not dont need to be discussed here cuz we all know wut these things do if u dont use ur head

Humanity has a history of taking substances which r altering their minds and it goes back 1000s of years. So why should we stop just because the majority of the public or the government says: "Dont do drugs!" ???

So dont be fooled by government agencies and the general public ... they just wanna manipulate ur thinking, especially in USA. Think responsible and u can do almost anything u want without hurting urself or others !

Peace & be wild !