I love going to raves, that are good! But it has gotten hard to find good one in AZ.I am finding my self going to Caly to find a good platy.I haven't gone to a party since last year and it is rare to see me at one these days.I miss the music, dancing,having fun with my friends, the hole filling or the vibe of a good rave and how the music doesn't stop, even after leave it gos on in your head. But, I do not miss the stupid drama.Like people going to party's to fight. Where is the love?And there are to many little kids not knowing what exactly what they are taking and what it dose to them or what to do if something go wrong,and not having any self control and no one seems to care!Just putting them in the smallest room and hoping that they would go away. I Think we are losing are PLRU. Not the PLRU that all the kid are saying when they are rolling balls. But,true Peace, love, Respect for every one especially your self and to Unite to better are selfs.I do still believe that there is hope for the AZ Scene and wish that i could do more to help.God, how I have tried and it has worn me out.