Candyman 4Ever - We'll Miss You

9/29/03 Today we lost one of the scene's greatest. Scotty, AKA Candyman, had been fighting cancer for the last 4 years and was finally granted his peace today. As I tried to contact everybody, to break the news to them. It became very evident how many people he had deeply touched. Scotty never gave a second thought when it came to helping people, no matter what it took. To me, he was a father, brother, mentor, and most of all a friend. He helped me to achieve many of my childhood dreams, by the time I was 21. Plus, gave me his knowledge and wisdom to keep moving forward. Please, add your own personal memories, and let us honor the man who honored us for many years. We'll miss you Scotty.

Jonathan Haus "Munk-E"

I will miss Scott dearly. He was such a kind human being. He had a gentle soul, a generous heart and always a smile on his face. He was just too good for this world.

Go with love, Bro

Scotty was a wonderful uncle. He was so adventerous, he tought my sister and I how to rock climb. He built his own dun buggy, he built his own speakers and did so many other awesome things. There wasn't anything scotty couldn't do. No matter sad or unhappy you were he could always make you smile. I'm scotty's niece. I loved him very much. My memories of him will last a lifetime.


Scott's memory is my keepsake. He shared his love, his home and his thoughts with me and those I care for. His visions of live have inspired me, motivated me and most important make me smile.

I will always love you Scott and I will help to make sure that Treva will be happy - it will take some time, she misses you a lot, as do we all.

I am happy only in the fact that I know you are free from the constrants of this physically world and can be free to share yourself with universe.

Good Bye Scott -

My Uncle Scotty,

What can I say about a man that was so wonderful? He lived his life the way he wanted to and inspired so many people along the way. He's a man who wasn't afraid to try new things and conquer them. From rock climbing to building wells to making Treva smile. He was always there to lend a helping hand and tell it like it is. I will miss his strength, his laugh, his hugs, but most of all his heart.

I love you Scotty and I will forever hold you dear to my heart. I know my fairy friends and angels are encircling your spirit now and forever.


damn.. i'm sorry 2 see him go.. he was a great person in our scene.. and his services helped as a key part in many of the parties in the AZ scene... I know he's in a better place rite now.. and i give my strength to his family.

Scotty dreamed big and had so much faith in the world.

It's our job to carry on the dream.

Always remember Scotty in your heart, and strive to be better in all that you do.

Scott was one of the most genuine and good-hearted people I've ever met in my life. I only wish I had known him much better. I wish to thank him for the tremendously positive mark he left on the world, and on me.

Nick Synergy

It's been a long time since I've last seen you Scottie and even now you are still alive in my heart!!!!!


RIP. Im speachless to find out years later on what happened to someone who help me find some direction in this crazy world. I hope your soul rest peacefully. 7-18-06
Peace and Luv, Jay Bruxist

Wow...Scotty, you were one in a million. May you keep dancing in the sky!


He was one of the only stand up guys in the scene that I have met. Every party I did with him was on a handshake which is very rare, and whats more the man came through every time as promised. People in the scene today dont realize what people like Scott did to help build for everyone. I live in Paris now and for damn sure miss those yellow cabs, and Scott's willingness to lend a hand or a wall of speakers. Miss ya bro!!

i dont know where to stat. scot was one of the great ones!it truly was a blessing if you got to know him,treva,jose and the rest of the gang.scott was or should isay troy,was my best freind.he saved my life,and truly set the standerds for what a man is.its 2010 and i still vist this site. love always


Scotty at Emeral Forest 2

Scotty at Magical

Scotty at What Dreams May Come

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