Lol, well at Piglets Interstellar adventures.......ect I thought I'd wonder around and Find a place to go pee since the lil potty rooms were all contaminated. Anywho, I found a lil hill with some bushes around it and it was pretty far out than the party so I thought perfect. Well as I pull mah pants down and crotch i attempt to take a lil step back where I see a pile of leaves. Well this pile of leaves seem to have been covering a hole that had to be more than 5ft deep and of course i fall in. So picture this...... a lil kandy kid wif her pants pulled down trapped in hole. NOt pretty. Okay so im pulling my pants back up and catching my breath from the big shock i got, and as I look up i see two guys looking down at me and laughing. I'd be glad they were sitting on another lil hill smoking weed exept for they had to see mah ass. I dont know if i'd rather nobody seen and stay trapped in that hole.

Peace OUt kidz, and stay away from them holes
Gabby : )