This is about a rave that didn't happen, first of all. I was taking my friend Ben, who'd gone to his first party with me a few months ago and really liked what he'd found, to a party on the lower west side (I'm from NY). We both wanted to roll, but didn't want to get busted, so we downed our pills on the street a few blocks away. Only when we walk a few blocks, we realize that there is no rave, to our horror. We asked the man standing outside and he said it had been cancelled b/c of some safety violation. Suddenly, we both had to find a place to stay warm and chill until we were sober. We went uptown to a club party that was being thrown by some people we knew, but we decided we disliked the people so much we'd rather go to my friend's grandma's house in Brooklyn (she wasn't home, don't worry). We start to peak on the subway and I suddenly have to go to the bathroom really badly. My friend tells me to just piss off the side of the subway, between the cars. As I was pissing, it dawned on me that if I pissed on the third rail, my dick would become a charred cinder and I would die instantly. I thought about how humiliating that would be, to have that on my tombstone, so I'm just finishing up when suddenly everything got really bright, really pretty... and then I realize that it's because we were pulling into a station, and everyone was staring at me. I get so freaked out that I jump back in the car, and in my haste I piss all down my pants. I curled up in a ball on the most far away seat in the subway, and I was almost crying, I felt like such a fool... we had two more stops til we got to the house, but it seemed like forever, all these people staring at me, I'm more embarassed than I'd thought possible, and on top of that I just kept rolling, so pissing myself felt reeeeeaallly gooood... Which is why now I will never drop a pill until I'm almost in the party and I know I'm going to be spending the night there instead of huddled in a wet ball on the subway... That's the most embarassing rave story I have, heh heh heh... I felt like such a crackhead... lol