At my second rave I stared at a cash register for a half hour. Let me go back a bit. It was my second rave, second time rolling. For some reason (that I still have not figured out) I bought 3 pills. What I didn't reallize was that two of them were double stack (white superman and some kinda euro). I took one, and was only intending to take one. But for yet another unexplained reason I ended up taking all three. My memories of the night are kinda muddled, I remember falling over a lot. And telling many random women that "you are... like... absolutely buetiful..." So anyways, for some reason my eye was caught by what I later was told by a friend was the digital readout on a cash register that was sitting on a bar. Oooh, glowwwwwing.... pretty. I stared at it for some time. Then bit down on a vibrating massage thingy. Then fell over backwards and started to drool on the floor. Then I see this pair of very well shaped feet, attached to legs which in turn were attached to this AMAZINGLY hot girl. "David, I didn't know you went to parties!" I struggled to do two things at once, get both eyes going in the same general direction, as well as figure out why this person knows my name. She looked a bit closer at my (obviously fucked up) face. "Do you know who I am?" I kinda said something to the effect of no, after thinking for quite a bit. "I'm Bianca, I sit in front of you in English..." Bianca, this _amazingly_ hot girl. Who I've know for around 4 years. Ooops. I was mortified. I seem to remember repeatedly appoligizing. I'm still not sure why I didn't recognise her; I could see her face (both of them ;) quite clearly.

Lets just say I never took ANYWHERE near that amount of E again.