Well,where to begin....Showed up to my first rave ever with a good friend we bought 2 hits of acid and an hour later was a little to overwhelmed to let it kick in so my buddy decided I needed 2 more........1\2 hour later thats when the drugs began to take hold. Moving foward my buddy finds a chick and he goes off to a tent with her, so im chillin on 4 hits feeling highly cofused about whats goin on so I run into some guys we were chillin with earlier and they have wads of money they are playing with and laughing hysteracly. So in my mind I started to wonder where the hell did they get that.....Fast forward I come across a table with a stack of money siiting on it(Hmmmm thats where they got it). So I have what I can only asume was the promoters money(in Retrospect) and I start goin around the party excited to have a shit load of money however I quickly relized I was in the middle of the desert and it meant shit out there. so having this revalation I decide to give it to my boy in the tent. He begins randomly handing it out to people. while I go dance like an idiot around the party. From what I can recall I threw water into the crowd from the vending tables and even went to the stage and got handed a mic and totally chocked and said nothing, than got awkard looks from the 500-600 people staring at my dumbass.........Funny thing is I had a great time(Except thinking back to the embarissing moments) and learned a life lesson money is nothing more than paper and shouldnt control your thinking,and think before you act cause you might reget it later...The best part is I think I got what the scene was all about however the rest of the people thought I was retarded.....The name of the party was FOCUS in Tucson somtime in October or november of 99'