Tranceformation '99, my first rave and my first true experience with LSD. I thought my friends were phucking with me when the dealer took out some liquid breath drops and placed a couple on my tongue. I could tell the difference because of the weird, metallic chemically taste I on my tongue. Well, I'll tell you what! The entire night was BLISS! I danced so hard for so long that my legs eventually gave out. During the course of the evening and early morning, I thought that many days and nights had passed and I was just dancing my life away. I actually thought the lasers from the visual show were shooting out to other raves happening at the same time. I even thought that we were building a spaceship to the moon so we could build giant speakers and giant lasers on it so we could just pinpoint on one spot on the Earth to bring joy and happiness. Well, the sun started coming up, I look at my hands and they're gray and ashy, and in my hallucinogenic state, I thought I was like 80 years old. HOLY SHIT! I'm gonna die soon! And I didn't get to tell my parents I loved them! But, the legacy must live on.... I go on the hunt for females to bear my offspring. No luck, so I decide to adopt. There we go, that 14 year old boy sitting by the stage, I'll adopt him. "Hey son, it'll be okay, I'll be your new daddy and all will be better!" I smile, he stares at me almost in horror. I phreak the phuck out and get up and run. They're on to me. Security's closing in. A girl starts following me and yelling, "He's feeling it! He's feeling it!" My friend is also following me telling the girl that I'm feeling it and need to get the hell out of Dodge! My friends want to kill me. I try and run. I get to a fence. My watch, it's a bomb, I'll throw it at the fence and escape to say goodbye to my parents! No luck. My friends are closing in. They're huddled under a blanket walking to me. The eat me. They all stare at me with these wide scary eyes. I'm dead. I run again. But then, my legs give out by the water fountain. I see the cops are coming for me. My friends drag me away. In the car on the drive to wherever we were going, I finally realized why the saved me and not killed me right away. They're all GODS. I tell them this, they just nod and agree. We're all that's left, the sun dawning makes the desert look like post-apocalyptic wasteland, like in Mad Max. I tell them I want to be a God, too. We get to some apartment, but in my head it's the Holy Temple. In order to enter this sacred realm, I must be pure. So I take off my clothes, and my tongue ring. I walk inside, all is quiet and they're all staring at me. Someone throws sweats at me. I tell them I am ready. They make no move. I start to scream very loudly. Two of my friends rush me, one covers my mouth. Good, they'll strangle me and I'll be a God! No good. I'm confused. I stare at everyone and my friend Jeff leads me into the back bedroom, the sacrificial chamber. I lay in a bed. He's sitting in the corner, crying and looking at m


"Yes, Jay?"

"Did I really do all those things I think I did?"

"OMG! Are you back! Are you here with us?!?!"

I meekishly reply..... "Yeeeeeeeah..... Jeff, I'm sorry, I feel so stupid."

He smiles and crawls to me and gives me a big hug. He then stands up and helps me to my feet. He tells me everythings okay now. He opens the door and leads me out. Everyone's still staring at me, wondering what crazy ass shit I'll do next.

"Guys, I'm sorry for doing all that, I've never felt like this. AND I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT FUCKING NAKED!!!!"

Most of them jump up and cheer and they all run to me and hug me. Sighs of relief are heard in all directions. They sit me down, give me my clothes back, and amazingly, my tongue ring, along with a joint, a bong, and some Cheetos. Man, I'm never going to let this happen again! But....