sup? I have too say whoever made this site fuken rocks theres stuff that made me laugh and stuff that made lot's of sense Im not oldskool and Im no candy kid either but i love to party there is nothing more spirt lifting and mind opeing then dancing at midnite and asken some dude for the time and it's ten 2 seven my very 1st party was oasis in drumheller i'd just gotten kicked outta my house and I wuz sitten a c-train station where I met this girl she told me she was hitchen out there so I told I'd be back in a half hour I don't think she belived me but sure enouph i arived and right away we got a ride from 2 candy kids comen from oregon they fed me e and a tab of acid and being new to the whole thing it was the most fun I ever had everyone was so nice too me (even those not high on e)three of the most fun fillednights ofmy life trurly an experiance I'll never forget. I like to call myself a raver though to all the oldskool Im a twinky or candy kid even though i don't where candy but I'd like to bring the rave ceen back to the people where im from (calgary) it's almost completly dead don't get me wrong there are parties but the vibe SUX dic it's all about one thing now e witch it may have been cince the begening but now more then ever.I was atcream a roolerland (stupid move to begun with ) but I thought hey Iwanna have some fun so i went with my gf and broght some pills I donno why but I ate a cupple and right when Im peeken this kid come to me says there's no good pills cept the one's I have one being true I only had one left I say know and then this stupid fuck says I'll give ya 35 beens for 1 thats cab fair in the morrning i thought to myself and so we go into the bath room and six secuity fuckers jump me aresst me not the dumd fuck who was gonna pay 35 bucks for one pill they tell him to fuck off they call the pigs and tell them iv'e been busted with 100 pills come and areest me when the cops get there they litterly laugh at the security fools one pill you said a hundred buddys all studdern and shit well I uh? the cop screming at this fool and im pissen my pants laughing they take the one pill that was spose to be 100 flush it and I get a free ride home just another example of how the sceens gone to shit here. sorry for bablen on just like speak my mind keep up the kick as web site

ty perry rava till I die or (o.d) just jokes