A great week-end; (in the Netherlands)

Taking it easy on Friday with just two pills, a bottle of Jack and half a gram coke because you are going to a outdoor festival at 11:00 AM the morning after.
After taking a shower and getting dressed wishing that you didn't took the 4 pills you where saving for today because ¿¿¿HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO WAKE UP NOW???
On the ride over to the festival the only question that comes out of your mouth is; HE HOW MUCH ARE YOU SELLING?
All the friends you hook up with are saying yu look like shit, BUT HE I FEEL GREAT!
running out of drugs BUT FINDING THE WASTED COUPLE THAT SELLS YOU FOR 1/2 PRICE (Always flies better!)
On your way back to home-town offering other people drugs to find out that they are on there way to there mother-in-law for a "get to know her dinner" (he looked quite temped by the way).
START SINGING A DRUG RELATED SONGS IN THE BUS and wondering why no-one else is singing with you???
Walking in to your local club and start explaining everyone how great you feel when in reality you just spend just 250 Euro's on drug alone this weekend.
Going to the coffeshop to by a big bag to discover the day later the you have put 5 sigarets to waste because everytime you were trying to roll a joint you nodded off and start the proces all over again!!
On sunday afternoon getting to hear from your neighbour WHAT THE FUCK WHERE YOU PISSING ON THE BALCONY FOR AT 4 O´CLOCK AT NIGHT???
Feeling great on Monday trying to re-construct what you have done this weekend, and discover that you still have some drugs left that you thought you lost on the party.
God I wish it was friday!!