Atomic Babies Review

Sad! That's the way I felt by the end of this party. There were only about 100 people at this party in a venue that could fit 1000 easy. Late and poor promotion caused an embarrassing low turnout which I felt left a bad impression on our guest DJs.

After Joe Bear and Exacto Zach, Atomic Babies came on and performed a great live set (Robert Armani was a no show). But, they played for no more than an hour since some people had already left and by the time they stopped playing at around 3 am there were only about 50 people left at the Nile.

Refill followed Atomic Babies and then, Emile came on and played for another 1/2 hour until they stopped the show. This was more like a small barn party than a rave. The vibe was very lethargic and cold. There were no more than a handful of dancers at any given time. I feel sorry for Swell, though. Looks like they lost any money they may have made on Plastikman. I guess this sort of thing happens once in a while. I'm just surprised it happened to an experienced promoter like Swell. But, it just goes to show that no one is perfect and there are no absolute guarantees, especially in the underground scene. Or, maybe we are approaching the beggining of a significant change in the scene. I feel people are getting tired of the same type of parties every weekend (including myself).

Maybe it's time for the rave scene to evolve a little into something a bit more diverse than just taking E and dancing to techno music. I was thinking, with the advances in the Internet technology, how about a live broadcast link to multiple rave events around the world through cable modem. Maybe we could be at the Nile theatre and be listening and watching people rave on a big screen in Melborn or Amsterdam and vice versa. Imagine seeing a friend of yours on a giant screen saying hi to you from a rave in Amsterdam? And I could be the guy holding the camera:) What do you think?