I almost didn't go to this party. I thought it was going to be a rather small and intimate B-day party at the Nile. It was quite the opposite. There were about 1,500 people there and the vibe was awesome. My only regret was not bringing my video camera. The light show was bright and very energetic and just perfect for some great footage.

The talent was also great. Keith Edwards, CL McSpadden, Nimh, Pepsi, Jae Van, Paul-E and a favorit new comer, DJ Evans, all spun high energy and uplifting sets (and I'm sure the rest did great also). The sound system could have been a bit more consistant but the music and the vibe sure made up for it.

I think this party was organized and advertised just the right way. It was set for Friday (not Saturday) so people could party and still recover for the Easter family affair on Sunday. It was also NOT overhyped like so many other parties - the flyer only posted the necessary information and none of that "this will be the greatest event of your life" bullshit. CandE and Drop & Roll have combined a very healthy union and they both have established a trustworthy reputation. They are also expanding their range to the Seatle rave scene with more potential for exchange of talented DJs. Great job guys. Can't wait for your next event.


dis partay wuz sooo much FUN!! i met sooo many peoples wit great vibes and pertimous faces (especially dominoes)! i hope tew see dem all again at a future party!! and da music was soooo gooooood!! HH was played so much and all my fav songs came on! congrats to candE and drop&roll for da awsome partay!


didnt go wish i did heard great things learned my lesson


This was muh friends first "Nile" pawtee and she loved it. I met some kewl kiddies and danced my ass off to the hardcore set in the back room.. Much hugs to FrankiE , LcG, and BreakBeat... Outtie.. *P*L*U*R* orion


This was one of the very best nile partys I've ever been to I had a blast props to Drop & Roll and CandE You guys never let me down Props Also to candyman and burning retina the lighting and sound was pretty bad ass till the next one everyone rave safe rave responsible P L U R

Bag Man

Well better late then ever . the party was off the even if it was at the nile.


I think that you should actually HAVE a picture of Baby-E on here considering the fact that you took pitures of her party.


I agree. If anyone can send me a pic of her I'll post it.


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