Balloon Review

We closed Karma and set directions for the Funhouse. I had reservation about the location. It is next to a couple of shady strip clubs in a semi-gang type neighborhood. But then, I caught myself turning into my dad, shook my head and headed straight in with a big smile.

At the entrance hallway, you are greeted with a checkered floor that leads all the way to the DJ booth and on to the outdoor patio in the back. The room opens up to a wide chill area with couches and mirrors on two sides and a bar on another. It almost feels like a raver's living room. The dance floor is roomy and clean. Almost the same size of Pompeii. A chain-linked fence separates the crowd from the speakers. It makes for a nice anchor to hold onto when your head is on fire. Behind the fence there is a dark, flat wall with a wide window cut out of it where you can see the DJ. It sorta reminded me of the stage at the country western bar in the Blues Brothers. It has an industrial, yet intimate feel to it. If there were no fog machines it would be almost perfect.

Chris McSpadden was spinning and he tore it up something fierce. He played cuts from his Live at Utopia CD with some new mixes that got the crowd cheering like mad. Every few minutes you could hear someone shout "Oh... My... God...". CL, you ROCK!

Paul-E came on next and dropped some more hard shit on the floor. It seemed like the whole building was smiling. He did some cool breaks and unexpected mixes that got more hoots and cheers.

I missed DJ Rich's set but, I heard he was awesome as well. It was a great night despite the cops presence. They took a couple of people out but, I saw them back in again. Actually, I thought the cops were nicer than the security at the Nile. I think if you can get passed the location the Funhouse is a structure made for partying. I would definitly go to see Balloon again.