Bassline Review

I'm not a real fan of D&B and defiantly not happy hard-core but, I really did enjoy this party. The dark, dank basement of the Nile added to the underground feel of the party. The dancing lasers and the red lights enhanced the mood even more. And the sound system was surprisingly crisp and the dj's all did great in their performance.

When I got there, Essential was just wrapping up and Snail came on to keep the beat going. Huda Hudia came on next to bring a taste of Florida breaks to Phoenix. Nimh and Kevin Brown wrapped up the night with a heavy dose of hard-core and happy hard-core sets. And Alicia was selling soda cans for only $1. Not much left to complain there:)

Despite the cramped quarters, I saw a lot of people dancing all night. I went upstairs to the main floor where the goth night was happening. There were only about 20-30 people there in that HUGE room and only 4-5 of them were... um... dancing. It was sad looking at all that empty dance area knowing how crowded and cramped it was downstairs. But, that's what I like about most of Phoenix ravers: they always have their fun as long as the music is right. Gothers though, still looked sad and pissed off despite all that extra space!