Big Gay Als Big Gay Boat Ride Review

Aside from it being at Vortex (again), this was a great party. The decorations were a refreshing change. They still have the WB cartoon characters and graffiti on the walls but, they also had the South Park characters in huge cutouts behind the DJ's in the main room. At he end of the party, they knocked Kenny down and stomped on him "Oh no... they killed Kenny! You bastards!" I heard they later stole his dead carcass.

The Florida DJ's refused to wear drag and did not play but, Pete Salaz and RC Lair were all this party really needed. They ROCKED the house. Specially RC with a three hour set of hard, potent house and techno. Pete was in full drag (nice job on the makeup Pete). He looked like a Big Samolan Madam: the kind that would bring you nice young hookers and if you don't pay she would knock you out with one punch. Perfect;) Only about 10% of peopole were in drag (yes, I chickened out too). PRG shook the smaller room for a very happy group of dancers. Candyman had a great laser set up and there were intense strobelights installed in the enterance hallway that made you feel like you were going through a timewarp. The turn out was around 500, I think.

The only thing I really didn't like about the party was the fog machine. Vortex is cramped as it is and the fog machine does not help one bit. I hope they stop using it. I think they should just use dry ice and water. It's a lot easier to breathe through and it stays around your feet and not in your face.

I stayed 'till the sunrise and had a little after party at my house. For the first time I had the manager come and ask me to turn the music down. So, you know we were having fun;)