Billy Goat's Gruff Review

Last Friday, Billy Goat's Gruff was THE place to be! Great DJs, Awsome uplifting hard and progressive trance music, clear night full of millions of stars and a huge, paved runway to dance on and continue your cosmic journy. The promoters kept this event on a small scale to create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere and that's exactly what they achieved. As a result, we had plenty of elbow room to dance to our hearts delight. We had full access to our cars, we could set up tents and chill in our couches or truck beds, or just run up and down the runway with our glow sticks and do all those things we are supposed to stop doing as adults, you know... LIVE and PLAY!

Every one of the DJs performed beautifully. The sound system could have been a little louder but, maybe that was best not to risk getting any noise complaints. Otherwise, it was perfectly crisp and clean with adequate base. The vibe was great with almost everyone I met. We need more parties like this in Arizona. Thank you 100% Natural Groove/ DTS for an awesome night.


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