Black & White Review

While at Vortex, I heard all sorts of rumors: Black & White will get shut down at 1... at 2... at 4... Black & White is already shut down. I went to see for myself and ended up dancing on warm pavement 'till 7 am.

There is just something about partying under the stars that brings out the best partier in me. I still prefer dirt and the trees a lot more to a parking lot (of a church even) but, this party had enough of good ingredients to make my night complete.

I was bumed out to realize I missed C.L. McSpadden's set but, I was glad to see Pete SuperMix Salaz step up to the tables. I'm still haunted by the heavy duty make up he wore at Big Gay Al's and I told him I couldn't wait to see him in drag again. He said to be patient and good things come to those who wait. I've got a special x-ray film saved for just such an occasion Pete;)

Tigger and Michael both played super tight sets and after a the film ran out the camera was off to the side and the floor was mine. Time to loose any and all exess fat in a blur of spins out on the pavement.

Afterwards, afterparty at my place again. another 12 hours of straight techno, eyecandy and juicy fruits followed by steak n' eggs breakfast at 7 pm. Fuckin' eh! I NEEDED this weekend;)