Clash of the Titans

The Ice House was packed by midnight - almost 3000 people showed up. Swell still knows how to throw good parties. Although, I felt a little out of place because there were a lot of new people I didn't recognize at all. The vibe also seemed to be a little thin at times but at least, there were no major e-puddles on the dance floors.

Kevin Brown and Ron D Core spun a long set of 2x4 in the court yard that kept a lot of people dancing all over the place. Milktoast also played a very well received set in the Silver Room. Nimh and MC Style performed a tight set in the Cathedral Room followed by a musical fireworks of Aenema Demon.

Spectrumega Media provided awesome visuals in the Silver Room and there were a jumping castle, slide and horizontal bungee rides in the court yard. Lots of cool music and visuals that you would expect from any satisfying rave event.

PRG & Rephil spun the last set in the court yard and by the time they finished it was time for me to go. I did have fun but I still long for another one of those massive desert raves like the Electric Highway.


P.S. By the way, anyone who knows the flyer designer for "Groove" please tell that person to next time ask my permission before taking my photos from my site and placing them on your own material without so much as even giving me any credit - not too cool! Thank you.


i had fun fun fun at CLASH. it was a great party from the break i've been taking from them (money situation). i'm glad i made it out. i got to see al the djs i wanted to see which is usually a hassle at other parties since i don't know what the setlist is like but it was nice and in order at CLASH. ron d. core and kevin brown were awesome but like a comment on the arizona-raves mailing list, i didn't hear much HARD hardcore stuff. don't get to hear much of it out this way but still, what they were playing was a nice little segue from the flotilla of trance that's at every party. not that that's a bad thing but come on, too much of one thing is no fun. aaanyway.

aside from the less than cool little corners here and there it was a great night. the breaker circle around 12:30 in the silver room was great, there sure are some limber and talented dancers out there, it was kool to see everyone enjoying themselves and i'll definitely look forward to the next swell event.



i had sssoooo much fun at clash!! i also enjoyed it that there were no major e-puddlez on da dance floor especially when wishbone came on so then i dance mah ass off!! i wish i knew how you were so then i could say hello! but hopefully i'll meet you in one of then next ravez yo come take care and plur alwayz!!!

love ya


CLASH was tight!!! i went to work that day and worked the "12-8" work shift then came on out and worked the "9-5" party shift... DEFINITELY WORTH IT. My friend Dive gave me a ride there... he had to work really early in the morning so he said we all had to get out of there wicked early... The party was so tight that we didnt leave and get back to snobsdale until about 6:15.. the vibe seemed "iffy" at times but i still met some great new people and danced till my legs felt like jello... I also liked the jungle that was spun there... a lot of the partys i go to the jungle is spun like in the basement of the nile and never really put in the spotlight except for Dieselboy at "ways to do it" but i loved the jungle spun that night... tight shit. Oh yeah... and hats off to the raver dressed in silver.. dont know who that was but the dress and makeup was phat and one of the few people out there dancing no matter what everyone else thought!! personally i thought that was cool shit the way she expresses herself... anywhoo... see ya'll at the next party - cant wait!


RON D CORE vs KEVIN BROWN....need I SAY MORE ??? And I got to do the lights for them..I was truly blessed that night !


This party was fun,but like you said allot of new faces, any way what would a party be like if you saw all the same people.

see you at the next party


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