Colour Review

It's no secret that I don't dig happy hardcore. I don't think I would have gotten into it even when I was at the happy hardcore age. But then again, I wouldn't confess to a lot of things I was into at 16. Still, I dug this party and was glad I went. And that's mostly because of Tigger. He spun a great hard house and trance set in the second room and had everyone dancing the whole time. He made me feel so good I even enjoyed going to the main room and listening to some faster beats.

I caught the second half of Bitter Monk's set and it sounded very tight and potent (despite a few skips here and there). Paulina Taylor also satisfied everyone's high rpm thirst and shook the entire building. Better check those ceiling studs Vic! Another happy hardcore set like that and the roof might cave in;)

I stuck around 'till 2 and headed for Black and White where most of the people I know were at. So, I'll see you there.