The Conspiracy Theory Review

Yeah, yeah, yeah... another party at the Nile... It's gonna suck, right? ...WRONG! Despite the worn out location, the long wait outside followed by the long wait downstairs, I and just about everyone else who showed up, had a wonderful time.

Although, I was disappointed that all the trance music was confined to the hot and humid basement while the main room featured nothing but d&b, I decided that overall it was a good decision. Mainly because if all the d&b DJs were in the basement I would have not stayed there long enough to realize I can enjoy a good d&b and jungle set. I still have a hard time accepting the beat and still think it's too fast and lacks true soul but, I learned to pick up bits and pieces of interesting rhythms and see the potential. In fact, at times, I felt it could be even more organic than trance... at times. By the end of the night I was even dancing to a d&b set, something I've never done before. I think d&b and jungle will eventually evolve to a higher, more liquid sound that will appeal to the trance junkies like myself.

Back in the basement, Denny, Ryan, DRC and Gary performed some of the best sets I've ever heard them play. Specially Inertia, who literally rocked the building. I can't wait for you all to see the video. I didn't even notice it at the time, until I came home and played it back and saw him perform a mesmerizing air-fuck with his hips as the music slowly built up. I laughed my ass off, but I also dug it immensly! And DRC!? WOW! I loved her set the first time I saw her at the Ice House. This time, I loved it even more. She has gotten even better in her mixing abilities and creativity. It was just awesome! I'm sorry to say, I missed Lego and Pete's set. I should just learn to leave earlier.

CL McSpadden came on as the last DJ downstairs, but unfortunately, most of the people had left or were too tired to dance. That's OK Chris, you can save it up for those few lucky ones who will join you at the next Forest;) Besides, the extra room gave me a chance to do some serious dancing myself.

Meanwhile, the main room was all pumped up with heavy beats and an amazing light show, almost as good as the one at Sickness. Of all the people on the stage, I only knew the MCs, Dee and Axl. They worked the crowd all night, cheering them on to loud screams every time the music got low and quiet.

As you can tell from my reviews, I know very little about electronic music. Even after two years in this scene, I still have to ask what style the DJ is playing. But, I can at least report the overall mood and outcome of a party. When someone like me who digs trance ten times more than jungle still has a great time, you know the party has kicked ass. MUCH props to Jason and everyone else involved who managed to make people so happy, even at the Nile. I'm sorry you couldn't break even but, I know your next party will make up for it... if you could only find the right location. There's gotta be a piece of land somewhere in this vast desert. hmmm...