This party was held north of Phoenix, next to the Darkside's Haunted House. There was a long, slow-moving line of people by the door. Fortunately, we were able to avoid it since I was there to photograph the event. I usually don't mind waiting with the others in the line to chat and socialize but we were not going to be there more than a couple of hours and I wanted to get in fast and take my pictures and go. My girlfriend had to get up early the next day... and well, jungle and D&B is not my favorite type of music, even when it's very good.

The shuttle rides to the party were a very thoughtful and welcome part of the event. At first I didn't see too many costumes there. But later, the ghouls and goblins started to trickle in one by one. There was the Chef, Elmo, Satan, Elvis, a naked camera man (not me) and a whole line of cute ferries, witches and angles. I went as Zoro and my girlfriend (Debbie) went as a very revealing belly dancer, although she was half covered up most of the time 'cause it was too cold for her. Sara (of Eye Candy) was also there, spreading good vibes with her big basket of lovely individually wrapped candy.

The stage was set up against a big cliff were dancing lasers inked all sorts of animated sequences on the rocks and behind the stage a giant screen displayed Jason Ayer's Ovum videos. Occasionally, the Raveworld's cameras displayed live shots of the crowd and the performers on the screen as well. Between the stage and the cliff, a fire pit was raised to keep people warm throughout the night.

Nimh was spinning an unusual mix of retro disco and hard core as MC Stylee worked the mike. Mango and Sweet Rice performed a live set of D&B (to me, it sounded more like ambient acid jazz) with Coppe' (AKA The Mistress of Seduction) on vocals. Freaky Flow and MC Flipside came up next for some righteous jungle and the party got back to a faster gear and more dancing ensued.

Bombshelter DJs were up next and I'm sure they got the crowd all worked up for Inertia's closing set but it was time for us to leave. I've said this before, I LOVE outdoor parties but I wish we wouldn't wait until fall or winter to throw these events. Arizona has the best summer nights and it's a shame to miss so many great outdoor party opportunities. Maybe someday I'll do one myself. Yeah, right! Like I've got 30 grand to burn and have an itch to deal with Phoenix PD. That's why no matter what, I'm always greatful for others to deal with that shit. I'm perfectly happy to just photograph them:) So, I thank Chris and Mimi for another great night. I may bitch about the cold but I'll still come to all your parties even if they were held at the North Pole:)


Wow, I thought cryptic secret was a major sucess. I really thought it was a great party, one of the better ones ive been to in the last few months. the venue was amazing, a little anoying to walk through the dark desert , but an awesome natural venue. The lazers off the rock was spectacular, and Dj. Freaky Flow was spining a set that kept my ass bumpin all night. I also loved how there was zero police around the rave, made me feal great. The haunted house did suck, but it was a kinda fun add on bonus. Lets have MORE raves at this venue!!!!


i did not get to go to cryptic secret i moved to florida before then :) glad the party was a great . mad props to chris and mimi agine for yet another great job love you guys


LION and TC are soooo amazing. I was lingering around the corner of the second area when I heard the jungle beats, and went running. I could not see the stage through the fog until I had pushed my way to the front. Then the clouds lifted revealing godly LION and TC Izlam. Damn...I hope they come to AZ more often. Anyway What's Poppin was pretty great until the ghetto bird started bitching. O-well, from what I saw it was a peaceful bust(despite the start of chanting "fuck the POPOs") and I got to party plenty and have lotsa fun.



Iwent to Wiggle and I must say that the high lite of the party was the laser!I think that Michael and Citrik did a wonderful job and that that was my first DTS party and I must say that i had a lot of fun!Props to the promoters for the coolass venue and they should have a bigger party at that location!!!![family fun world in Eloy]

P.S. you guys should set the sound up during the day!


Well then,I went to that wiggle rave type o thingy and i must say i have a big space in my heart that i like to fill with candy ravers!Theres nothing like being around 15 candy ravers who love to blow wistles and trade fruit necklaces!!! Me and all of my candy fruits were dancing the night away in passion and i love candy ravers even more now!!!!!!!!


YAY wiggle!!! the vibe at this party was amazing... id never experienced anything like it. sure, it was wAY too cold to dance, but i was perfectly content to lay on a mass of people around tha fire. im usually the first to scoff at all that 'plur' bullshit, but i gotta admit, it was running rampant at wiggle.... and ya know what??? ...i didnt mind a bit. thanks to all tha kids who made wiggle rock.... see ya at tha next party. ; )


What an amazing weekend in Arizona! I was hardcore enough, and lucky enough to attend two, count two raves in Arizona. Amazing! When it comes to the Arizona Rave scene, Arizona is the shit!

I drove out from San Diego so got to there a little late. I got lost on the way but some very sweet super space girl from the fifties saved me. The first thing I noticed was the laser! Holy shit! The music was great. Anytime you hear Gamemaster at a rave it's got to be a good party. The vibe their was amazing. It was a little chilly but Rex's tent saved the day, but destroyed the bud. Holy Shit! I do not remember that much else about Wiggle. Daisy Double Stacked....Holy Shit. On to Blair...

Still spinning from Wiggle we headed out to Blair in a group of ten or 11. The location was sweet except for the river in the middle. The music was okay, going from jungle to trance and back again is kind of a weird mix but hey, each to his own. Hypnotic played for my first time hearing him and he helped save the party. My personal favorite Paul E rocked the house as usual. Holy Shit! The parking dude with the Happy Hardcore set in the morning blew my mind! HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT! Many people stayed and helped clean up in the morning which was awsome. The ghetto bird at a rave? Oh my god! Anyway I'll use one more word to describe Blair and I h ope everyone concurs: NITROUS!!!!!! Nuff said..

Cpt Chronic


Wow... that's all I have to say about the atmosphere at the Blair Rave. They were expecting 400 people and about 1200 showed up, crazy! At least 85% of the party was on acid, which totally changed the mood and atmosphere of the place. All the happy friendly rolling ravers were surrounded by edgy freaked out frying ravers, a weird situation to say the least. The worst part of this party was that they never set up the second stage, this forced them to alternate between trance/house and jungle/hardcore every hour. This totally killed the flow of the evening. I will say that the sunrise set of happy hardcore, which was played by one of the parking guys, was freaking unbelievable. It was like, melodic progressive hardcore and it was insane. Props to whoever that DJ was. Paul-E was amazing, as usual, but his set was cut too short. This location is very cool, but it was not meant to hold that many people. I felt pretty bad for the fry ravers at this party. First off the ghetto copter did a fly by and shone their spotlights at the party. I saw people running, screaming, hiding in bushes, even yell that they were being abducted by aliens...crazy!! Then there was this girl who must have been having the worst trip ever, she was screaming in tongues!!! I felt very bad for her and her friends.

Overall an excellent party, we had a blast despite the cold! Props to the promoters!

Big R

this review is for blair rave, cuz unlike some fortunate peeps, i had to go to skool monday morning. blair rave was DOPE as could be, even though everyone was tripping their godly asses off. emerald forest was just holding the people perfectly, except for those damn ponds everyone kept stepping in. i just wanna say that it really brought back a lot of respect towards our party scene, and im really sorry for all those kids who had a shitty time. maybe you'll have a better time next weekend :) i also wanna say im sooo sorry to that girlie jordan (ya the one who had a bad trip). i hope your still able to survive without padded walls. otay, luv ya all, see ya in a week :P


Finnaly, a release called "blair rave." I got off work and got ther about 10, and got me all the good stuff, hooked up with the cutest E buddy, and found a comfy back seat. Well everyone was underway when the choper came bye and freaked everyone out and me being too happy holding this girl to care listened to everyone who wanted to leave. So we leave and stop at circle K. I am a safe driver (even on 2 pillz) and wanted cappachino to make it back from foutian hills to glendale. So we stopped. I went in came out 15 seconds later and the cops were there arersting us! So we all got cerfew.. Well then then breathalized us. 6 of 7 of us came up with alchohol in our system, and only one of us drank! i was certinly not drikninf and my fellow candyfliper came up clean so it wasnt that combo. then they left us at the curb at 3am and said that since i came up with alchohol in my system i coudlnt drive home! it took an hour for my mom to pick us all up and go to my house where we chilled. Actually we picked up this guy PJ(his real name?) who got his car stolen by his friends and was wandering around trying to get back to the party. Well anyways the cop was rude so i filed a complaint and started a investigation into the deputy and am working on getting the pbt results dismissed.. I dont care about the curfew but if i ever get minor coinsumption iw ant it becaue i was DRUNK off MY ASS and having a great time. For the 2 hours i was there it was GREAT! Dark.. but GREAT! The whole drunk campers with pellet guns and guy with another gun and them coming down to party wiht us thing was great, be it bullshit or not. I dont know what was real that night.. We kept thikning the blair bitch was gonna get us.. The worst part was, even though everyone came to my house to chill, mymom dropped the girls off at their homes!! oh by the way, according to the seargant (in head of the investigation i started caus i am pissed at the deputy), they thought it was a normal desert beer party with onlu 800 people. They had no clue what it really was. We were soo safe.. WHY THE HELL DID I LEAVE?


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