Curious George Saves The Rave

I got there just in time to catch CL McSpadden and Jon Boy's wonderful set. The Nile was packed after midnight with a long line still waiting outside. It was hot inside but the vibe was awesome. The sound system was bumpin hard and clean and the base was just right. In the backroom there were fresh juice, toys and face painting. I didn't bother checking out the basement this time. There were a lot of old familiar faces and a few new ones.

DJ Joy came up next and performed a very well received live set followed by another duo set by Citrik and Michael. Daisy and Nth performed yet another duo that kept the dancers moving through the night.

This party was one of the best in the Nile's recent history. DTS and 100% Groove have always managed to save the rave. Who can loose with George on your side?


I just recently got into the rave scene and most of the parties i've been to have been at the nile and curious george has been the best yet. The vibe was awsome and the sound was kickin. I saw alot of people i know and met alot of new ones. Daisy ans Nth put on a great set. I can't wait to see them again. PLUR!


i Was The 4Th in Line :O) it Was Really F*cken Kool Becaues The Where Kool @ss People There DJ Dr.Suess Daisy Etc :O) Right When i Got in There it Was So Kool PLUR Was in Full Of Fact i Was Greeting Alot of New People By Saying Hi My Name is KRAZYREY i Was Geting Alot Respect By New People i Meet There :O) i Meet Single Women Married People & New People :O) it Was KRAZY KOOL Becaues i Dance With Differnt Women Talk 2 Them 4 A While Whatever it Was Awsome i Cant Wait 2 Go To Getto Blaster At The ice House !!! See You There Everybody :O) if You Meet Some Guy There & He Says Hi My Name is "KRAZYREY" That Would Be Me !!! Late From Me "KRAZYREY" Remember PLUR is The Way 2 Live By & XTC :o)


i absolutely loved this party!!!!!!! i hung outside most of the nite but when i did go in (which was during fave song in the whole wide world!!!) i could feel the awesome vibe. I absolutely loved it. The sound was awesome, the people where great .... except the dam security..... and i definately think that the nile reclaimed some fame after that nite. Thanx dts for an awesome party .... again!!!!


Hey Ramy, hows IT goin man? this is MC Ludakres representing DustenBass, MANTIS music, AUDEO POETRY.I would just like to say that on november 11 please make sure to check out the basement of the nile between 1:00 & 3:00 am to hear the under ground DarK SidE Flava of DustenBass.And on FRIDAY THE13 Make sure to be at Castles & Coasters For monkey mambo's second party featuring P.R.G ,Yoshi TEKO,DustenBass and yours truly plus many more! AND RAMY THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!


Chris pirtle

this wuz my b-day pawtee and it kicked ass.. I had a friggin grrreat time!!! THANKS DTS for yet another wonderfully spine tingling night.. :0)


this party was dopE, but c'mon guys wE rEally nEEd a nEw placE to party. maybE wE should organizE "million-ravEr-march" and protEst thE nilE (and thosE Evil boys in bluE).


i thought it was awesome! IT was was my 1st rave and it was a blast!the music was tight and i met alot of tight ass ppl.. some hot guys too hehe.. ne ways the party was bumpn and it was still bumpn after midnight...thx alot for maken it awesome!!!rock on! and keep raving ppl! ~*~*luvs and kisses~*~*~JeSs.


This was my first rave ever and it completely changed my life. I learned that there are so many people out there who will love you no matter what and who are kick @ss dancers! The vibe was awesome! I loved it with all my heart!


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