Dead Monkey Review

Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted at the Dead Monkey on this night since I had to go back to Desire 2 to photograph and video tape. But, what little time I spent there was as much fun as any other time I spend at any of Pete's parties.

The crowd might have been a little older but, the energy was just as high as the younger crowd at Desire 2. Mike Gomez was playing some hot and funky deep house followed by Anton who returned from San Fran to bring back some cool west coast groove over to the lounge. The place was dark and hot and the floor was filled with sweaty dancers as usual. Pete "Supermix" Salaz had a single revolving orange light under the DJ table that provided pretty much the entire light show for the night. That's what I love about all the monkey shows: simple and fun. But, I did suggest to him to use red and blue lights with an occasional siren next time just for laughs.

Actually, I can live with any special effects BUT the damn fog. How about all we "fog haters" make a proposition right now: Prop 420: BAN THE FOG - NOT THE SMOKE!