Delightful Review

Looks like I've gone from raving twice a week to "dropping by" twice a year. There are many reasons why, but mostly because the parties don't have the same old flavor and freshness any more. All the big DJs are at the clubs spinning cheese for drunken college girls and boys. But there are still a lot of good DJs who will spin anywhere if they're given the chance.

Warehouse parties like this hardly ever happen any more. When I walked in I thought I actually missed the good old days of Vortex and the Nile. I didn't feel any of the old vibes. But half way through the party I knew it was still there. Specially when Tom Slik took over the stage. And the crowd really began to dance. Sure the vibe was still diluted and the crowd still seemed low on energy. But this party did make me feel some of the old vibes. I wonder if anyone else felt it too.

I think the Southwest Soundworks did a good job. Aside from the toilets the venue was a good choice and overall I think it was a success. Now if we can keep this trend up maybe we can bring raving back to life one more time.


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