Desire Review

For a few minutes, it seemed like the party was off with a shaky start. When we arrived around 10, there was no music and the wind and the rain were beginning to worry me. But, they simply moved the tables under a makeshift tent and as soon as the speakers pumped the first note out, it was all good again and we were rockin'.

All the DJ's performed flawlessly. I was a bit disappointed not to see Markus Schults and Gary Menichiello play specially since I haven't seen them in a while but, I knew I would soon and so, I just kicked it with my friends and began to enjoy myself immensely.

I love all outdoor parties. I loved seeing the wind blow away all the fog (I hate that shit). Just give me some oxygen, that's all I need. It was great walking around that huge lot without bumping into bodies every five seconds. YEAH. More outdoor venues like this will definitely help revive the rave scene here.

My thanks to Jonel Sloane and the Poster Boy Productions for such a professional organization and a GREAT party.