Desire II Review

When I got there around 9 pm, there was already a huge line outside which, to the people waiting in the line, seemed to be moving at an extremely slow pace. I felt guilty for being able to walk right in but, hey... I'm the photographer so, in I went. I was greeted By Ron Maynard who handed me a fine basket of gifts including candy, poster and promo tapes from Cactus Collective. There was still plenty of room to move around specially in the outside area which was a huge courtyard bordered by a tall chain-linked fence.

DJ Nimh was playing a great set on the main stage. It's too bad most of the folks were still outside. He played an awsome set. Behind him, powerful liquid projectors were displaying huge images created by Jason Ayers of Alien Right Brain. DJ Lego rocked the room with his usual, endless energy reserve and enthusiasm and the crowd started some serious stomping on the dance floor. DJ Spitfire followed up for the indoor room crowd with a healthy dose of happy hardcore.

After about an hour, I decided to pay a quick visit to Pete's Dead Monkey party and by the time I got back, most of the people were inside and Grand Master Flash was working the huge outdoor crowd. Although his mixer failed a couple of times, he kept the energy up by rapping about the history of hip hop and playing cuts from his favorite LPs. There wasn't too much dancing going on during his set but, all the people listened and cheered and learned a little about hip hop. Afrika Bambaataa came on next and kept the heat up with one hell of a tight funky electro set. His laid back and warm, down to earth attitude was also much appreciated by the Phoenician ravers

Inside, Kevin Brown played one of the best sets I've heard him play in a while along with a great performances by DJ Duubie. They changed places a few times and played until the plug was pulled around 6:30 am when we all had to leave and go home reluctantly. Although, I know there were plenty of great after parties for those who wanted to keep dancing (like myself).

Jonnel did a bang up job to make this party a LOT better than what could have been. I sure am glad I was there. Despite the fact that I was completely sober and at times, it felt like I was actually working, I had sooo much fun, heard so much good music and saw a LOT of smiling faces. Thanks Jonnel for another memorable weekend.