Det har ar techno Review

I got to Atomic Cafe' around 11 pm. It was still early and only about 100 people had shown up. I saw Russ from Swell and he was concerned that there wasn't going to be enough people to cover the cost but, at the same time, he seemed determined to enjoy himself because he was so excited about the feature DJs lineup, Cari Lekebush, Joel Mull and Christian Smith from Europe.

Russ' biggest dissapointment was the fact that almost no one here knew about these people (myself included). Phoenix needs to catch up with the scene, he said and I agree. It seems that the Phoenix rave scene has "calmed down" considerably in the last few years. I've been here for only 2 years and even I can sense a thinning of the rave enthusiasts.

Tonight's party, however, was the kind of shot in the arm the scene needs to rejuvinate itself. The sound was crystal clear and the mixes and selections were solid and potent. This was clearly reflected on the ratio of people who were dancing as opposed to the ones sitting around and chatting. There is something about the hard techno and house music that causes uncontrolable vibrations in ones soles and you can't help but to get out there and dance.

Shredder had lined up its massive cabinets in front of the DJ stand and was pushing the ear drums to their threshold as usual. Numerous, powerful strobelights flashed from behind the DJs like bolts of lightning and rows of candles burned like flickering stars in between. I finished shooting photos and began dancing as soon as I could. I saw another photographer there from the Tribune with much more impressive equipment than mine so, I didn't feel too guilty about not shooting everything I saw. Besides I could not resist dancing to the wonderful music and nor could Russ.

My only real complain was the security guy who came and told me to put my shirt back on. I mean, come on! It's PHOENIX for Christ sake. It's one thing to flip on acid and streak around the neighborhood but it's another to take your shirt off because you are nearing a heat stroke. So, what am I supposed to do? Not dance? I'M AT A RAVE!!!

Anyway, I had lots of fun and want to thank Russ for another awsome party. I'm sorry we didn't get more people but, the ones who made it sure had a great time.