I wasn't really planing on going to Detonation. I went to Numonic at first, hoping to hear lots of trance and techno in a cool, open space with people slightly closer to my own age. But, a lack of permit here, an anonymous phone call there and next thing you know, a few well trained Nazi cops show up and shut it all down. In less than 5 minutes, a rave became a concentration camp! They sealed the exits and rounded everyone up like cattle in the middle of the big room. Then, they formed two lines, one for people with ID and one for the rest. All those without ID were interrogated and threatened with arrest. Way to go big boys! You've really helped bring children and their parents closer together and you've also managed to close the even wider gap between ravers and cops.

I probably would have shown more respect for those pitbulls with a badge if they showed me some respect first. But, I don't consider threatening me with arrest for asking a friend a question first before walking straight to my car a sign of respect, even when they do add a "sir" at the end of their threat. Or should I say, SPECIALLY when they add a "sir" at the end! So polite and professional! Hitler would have been proud!

I would have taken a few pictures if I didn't fear for my freedom, safety and the loss of my camera. Any ACLU lawyers out there who's gettin bored with Alabama and Georgia should come to Phoenix for a refreshing course in pre historic justice. There's a new form of discrimination growing in this country and it's called "raver hatred". I fear these modern day witch hunters will go on TV and say anything they want about us and next thing you know, a jesus freak bombs a rave venue. Go watch the news a couple days in a row and you'll see I'm not that far off. You want to keep kids off the street? Give them a safe place where they'll WANT to go to, like a rave... AND STOP HARRASING THEM!


Shaken and disappointed in humanity (once again) I left Numonic, probably for the last time. I was going to go home but, I decided going to the Nile and enduring a couple of hours of Happy Hardcore would be better than being by myself. It was Goth night at the main room so we were confined to the basement. That's OK. I'd still rather get pushed around by Goths than cops. At least when you don't bother Goths they leave you alone.

Anyway, the basement was hot and muggy as usual and the sound system wasn't the best and there were only about a hundred kids there. But, the vibe was all that mattered to me and it was great. A lot of friendly smiles and a group of people dancing to music was enough to restore my faith and I was OK. Simon Apex and DNA rocked the basement with a heart pounding dose of happy hardcore. Leo and Deeva came on at the end and played an unusually dark set of jungle, which was a little too haunting for me, considering my earlier experience.

Later on, I went to a great after party where a few DJs, including Paul-E, were spinning and I met up with some friends and it was all good. Later yet, we went to my place for some serious back rubbing;) What a roller coaster ride this night was! Not sure if I want to repeat it but, it sure was something to remember.