Double Hit Mickey Travelling Techno Circus Tour Review

We got there around midnight and the place was in full swing. When I saw all the people huddled together in the small fenced yard I thought "Oh, no! It's a full house and no room to dance. But, it wasn't like that. There was plenty of room to dance since the building had over 14000 sq ft area and there were only about 1000 ravers there.

True, it was pretty hot in there since the AC unit broke down but, hey, this is Arizona and those who can get passed the heat will always enjoy themselves. Nor, were there as many circus acts as some had expected but, then again, this was a rave, not a circus and people had come to dance not sit and watch others all night.

I saw a wider range of people in this party and for the most part, it was for the better. There are always those faces that stare back at you with an eerie stone like mask devoid of any expression. Those, I leave alone immediately and move on to the smiles. Sure, some are high on E and some aren't. I really don't give a fuck. I work hard and see enough bullshit during the week. I go to raves on weekends to get away from that crap, not to criticize people.

So, I took my photos and did my dancing and when the heat finally got to me I went outside and chilled until the party closed at around 4 am.

I went to a great after party and listened to DJ Michael spin some great music, SF house and techno. Sweeeeeeet:)

Thanks Brian for your efforts in throwing another great party. I had a lot of fun:)