The Dream Gallery Review

I got there around midnight and it was almost a full house. I got the feeling the security was a bit too aggressive and pushy and it was affecting the ravers. The security is the first human contact ravers make at a venue and if the encounter is tense the negative vibe will carry through for a while. However, I think they need a bit more strict security for that part of town and they weren't too obnoxiously ego driven. If you just smile and comply with what they ask you to do, normally, they'll just leave you alone.

Felix Da House Cat was playing hard house and techno and the speakers were thumping crisp and loud although there weren't too many people dancing, yet. But, the vibe gradually picked up and I began to see more and more smiles. Ralphie Dee came on next with a mix of hardcore and techno and Jes from Chi town wrapped up the night with a tight set of funky house and techno.

This was a good party, well worth going to. And although I still feel a little awkward in the Nile theater, the high ceiling and the AC makes it very comfortable. Props to Larry and Angel from United Knowledge Entertainment for another success.