Drip-E Review

I know a lot of people are tired of going to the Nile but, the truth is once you get there and the music starts, it will become apparent that it really depends on the DJs and "what" they play, not so much as to "where" they play. I thought CL McSpadden proved that point the best tonight. Freshly back from his wedding in Scotland, he played a kick ass set with some of his own latest songs and new mixes. At one point, a girl that was dancing by the tables lost her grip on her glow stick and it knocked the needle across the record. Chris simply put the needle back on the track and followed up with a few scratch and drops that made that unwelcomed interruption sound as smooth as part of the mix. The crowd cheered like mad and the smiles flashed accross every face. Great job Chris... I just wish you would have spun with your kilt on. That would have gotten an even bigger applause;)

Leo, Paul, Rich, Michael, Deeva, Rex and Matrix are the other DJs that I did hear this night and they all did a great job as well. The lighting and visuals were modest but, adequate for that party. Schazel also helped make the awesome decorations in the back room possible. It wasn't hyped as some religious experience so, I don't think anyone was disappointed. Actually, I thought it was an awesome party specially when you consider the $7-10 ticket prices.

The vibe was also one of the best I've experienced at the Nile, which continued onto the after party when it was time for yours truly to put the camera away and tear the floor up;) My thanks to Matt and the rest of the crew for a memorable night.