I didn't expect such a big turnout on a Sunday, specially at the Nile. But the Nile Theater seems to be back in demand and even those who criticize it have to admit it is still a very cool and convenient venue. The security was also very relaxed. I saw a kid get busted for smoking pot and the security took him out but it was all done very calmly and peacefully and that was the only incident I witnessed tonight. There were also the usual speaker whores (and casualties, as I like to call the ones passed out below with their back against the woofers) and the e-puddles downstairs in the dark basement which to my knowledge were pretty much left alone, as usual.

Jae Van was playing trance in the main room when we got there. He mixed a lot of cool stuff in his set, including a James Bond theme and the Lunatic from Pink Floyd that the crowd absolutely loved. PuRex had the basement crowd dancing and Napp-E was working the back room. Lego came on next and spun the room into a frenzy. Lego always seems to have more energy than any normal human being should be allowed. He was literally a blur over the tables. DMX started a great set in the main room but half way through the set a record started skipping over and over for what seemed an eternity. On one hand I felt sorry for him and on the other hand I kept thinking: just put another record on or at least stop the music. Sometimes silence is better than broken music and this was definitely one of those times.

But despite that sound glitch and the fact that everyone was exhausted from partying all weekend, the night was wonderful and the vibe was awesome. The lighting was minimal, old school and the sound was pretty good, although I think people still go a little too crazy with the base. I mean once it starts to sound like a blown speaker, it's time to turn the base down a notch. Also, I think "hiding" the DJ behind the speakers isn't the best way to go. I'd much rather see the speakers against the side walls instead of the stage.

When we left around 2:30 am, everyone was still partying and having a great time. Thanks to Tim and Matt for another great Drop & Roll event.


I thought it was an all-around good party. Besides almost not being able to see the DJ it was a good set up. I still like the whole aquarium effect on the side wall



i think dj dmx (eventhough the needle kept on skipping) gave out the most energy of all night.. david is a good guy with good vibes...after his set..the party died down (cause they were all drugged out in my opinion, oh well too bad) hehe...that was my second party in az..im from utah..) the kids aren't as colorful but just as delightful..(good job..drop 2) :0) meow......luv

krystal aka krysy


well the party was really good considering it was a sunday and the night before everyone was at Fun Fair dancing their asses off. i was just way too tired and the music just couldnt get me going. And there were just way to many phucked up people. i ended up leavin at about four cuz i was too tired but the party was good.

pHuZz E*


I thought it was an excellent party! I got to see my buddy Sketch spin for the first time he was awsome. All the DJ's had great sets. And there were good vibes flying around everywhere. Even though I was a bit tired out from Fun Fair (which btw was a kick ass party) the music kept me bouncing Thanx Drop&Roll for another excellent party

Leslie AKA Heart Bunny


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