Dualprocessor Review

Higher Ground got off the ground higher than before. CL McSpadden played the smaller room in the back with a great set of hard trance, including a great mix from Moddona. Senbad followed up with another great performance, which was much appreciated by the dancing ravers who were practically climbing up the walls. The bigger, front room was reserved for other DJs.

Because of the liquor bar, this area was filled with older ravers and not everyone got to enjoy Chris and Senbad's set. Unfortunately, Candyman could not get the venue they were hoping for and lost a good portion of their potential attendants. Maybe, if Higher Ground had rearranged their front room to accomodate more peopole and limit this party to one DJ at a time more people would have enjoyed the show. During the show, there were fewer people in the main room (which was bigger and more accomodating) and the porch area. It seemed to me, a lot of space was wasted.

Still, it was a fun party at a fun location and at $6 per ticket, I don't think anyone found enough reason to complain much.