Earth Dance '98 Review

We got to the venue around midnight. It was a giant airplane hanger in Mesa with ample dance room inside and out. Lego was playing outside with his usual endless energy while Hipp-E was busy rocking the hanger inside. Everyone seemed happy to be there for a great cause but there was already talk of the party getting shut down. I heard someone saying the Amish neighbors were complaining about the noise. Sure enough, just a little over an hour later the lights came on and the music stopped. They said hold on to your ticket stubs and go to the Nile Theatre which was to be used as an alternative location.

We waited in the alley outside of the Nile for what seemed to be eternity until they opened the doors and let people in and a few minutes later the music came back on with a loud cheer from the crowd. Barry Weaver played a great set of hard house and techno and Kevin Brown followed and closed with one of the best non-hh sets I've ever heard him play.

It was unfortunate we didn't get to be a complete part of the world wide event. I only hope that not all the money from this event will be lost and some of it will go to the Tibetan people. It was still a good party with a lot of smiling faces. I know a lot of people were disappointed but, I hope instead of pointing fingers they would try to offer helpful suggestion to avoid more shutdowns. Maybe more desert parties? Or, instead of complaining about unpopular venues (like the Nile) choose to have the party there and enjoy it rather than a "cool" venue and have it shut down early. After all, isn't the music more important than the building?