Easter Moon Review

Man I LOVE outdoor parties! And Moontribe Parties are always the best. This was my third one and although the first Moontribe party will forever be special, this one will also be remembered very fondly. The parking strip reminded me a lot of the first one (which was set up on an abandoned air strip).

We got there around midnight and the desert was already thumping with heavy base and loud cheers. Deepsky was playing an amazing live set. Unfortunately, by the time I got the video camera out, they were done (but, I did manage to get a few still shots of them). John Kelly came on next and rocked the world. Followed by Nynex and Treavor. They all played wonderful, solid sets of hard, progressive trance.

The vibe was 100% pure love. No security, just "crew". And the couple of cops who showed up, just wanted to see what was going on. They were walking around with their jaws hung open wondering how these people got together in the middle of a desert to throw a show like this. They asked someone what the pacifiers were for and she told them it was to keep the teeth from chattering from the cold;)

I was having a ball taping and shooting through the cold dust storm. Yeah, the weather got miserable but, seeing people grin ear to ear and dance through all that was so heart warming that it didn't bother me a bit. Everyone had such a great time. If it weren't for the rain, we would probably still be there, dancing and celebrating life:)