Easter Moon 2003 Review

After about a year I got a chance to finally go to a rave. This was a quiet party at a new location (to me). Thrasher Land is a dirt bike race track West of Phoenix. Although there weren't that many people out there I wasn't that disappointed. Maybe because I wasn't expecting much to begin with.

I saw only a handful of familiar faces and caught up a little on the news and gossip. Can't believe how many people went to jail or got into trouble since last I had seen them. Everyone agrees the scene is not what it used to be. I remember the last Easter moon I went to. What a buzz! What a great vibe that had.

This party had a very different vibe to it. There were two stages. The first one had heavy metal rock blasting when I arrived. Then followed by a live hip-hop band and finally a funky break set attended by about five people. The main stage where the Moon tribe spun had a much better vibe. Daniel, Trevor and Brad spun great sets each and some people even began to dance. I danced quite a bit myself. But after an entire year, I was a bit rusty. Besides it was cold and the ground was very uneven and uncomfortable so I didn't dance as much as I would have liked to.

There wasn't much to photograph at this party and my so called state of the art all new digital camera was acting up again in the cold. Basically, I photographed a few fire dances in a half hearted way and that's about it. I left at around 4 am. Like I said, I didn't feel the old vibe there, but the whole point was to take a piece of the old magic and carry it with you for the rest of your life. Which I always will. See you in another year or so... unless you can let me know of a good party with the old vibe and I'll see if I can sneak away from work again;)


Ramy this is Jaime from EWOKS we threw episode 1 that you attended i am writing this to let you know thats how it is all over of my crew only two still spin. None of the old crews or people care to go to partys anymore no feels that feeling all we are left to do is sit around and remember every once and a while pull out some pictures have a few laughs i miss the old desert partys i even miss some of the old nile partys :] but i guess that the way things go progression ...lets just hope we have a second renaissance or is it a third or forth oh well until then keep hope alive

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