Ecstatic Appeal

Let's Go! just gets bigger and better... and a new venue each time to boot! I got there around 10:30. It was held at another creatively chosen location: Westworld Paintball Arena. Already, a long line was formed outside. At first, it looked a little unorganized but, the party went without a hitch. The only short come came at the end when the generator went out and we didn't get to hear CL McSpadden spin. The security was cool and professional and so were the ravers. Almost everyone observed the no smoking rule and no one screamed any profanities when party got shut down one set too early.

The venue was a neat choice. It is usually used for paintball wars and had lots of cool displays and little areas for roaming around and chilling. Despite the AC, it was still a bit hot and humid but not enough to really bother anyone. Besides, there was plenty of room in the outside area to smoke and chill in the cool air.

I got my camera out right at the end of DJ NRG's progressive trance set. Justin Nichols came on next and began to rock the place with a heavy dose of NY funky technohouse. Graeme from SF flew right in and kept the heat up with more progressive techno and breaks. And Jelo came back for a second Let's Go appearance and began to work the crowd with even more energy and "appeal" of HARD funky house.

The party ended when the generator went out and CL McSpadden was denied our gratitude. People still cheered their lungs out and many stayed afterward to help clean up. Chris and Mimi from Let's Go! have proven to be one of the most creative, reliable and responsible promoters this town has ever seen and I hope they'll continue to bring more wonderful events to our scene.