We got there a little later than we expected, which is usually the case. Besides the usual delays, like girls taking two hour showers and beer drinking boys taking 150 pit stops, we had to sit in a dead traffic for what seemed an eternity because someone couldn't handle driving on a slightly wet road. Then, we arrived at the location only to find out we had to park the car and hike for about a mile to the party. I didn't mind the hike at night at all. It was a great way to enjoy the crisp air of the desert and bask in the glow of the moon. But I knew the next morning, after dancing all night, walking back to the cars in the desert sun would be less than desirable. Well, it wasn't that big a deal. Besides, the next morning a lot of people hitched a ride on top of each others cars. Although, I still think the shuttle that was used at night to get people to the party for a buck was even more needed in the morning but, they weren't running it then.

The security was very cool because... well practically, there was none. This was a ghost town in the middle of a reservation land. The only security I saw was lightly patting people down at the door and watching the equipment. I think ravers and native Americans should unite and help each other out... only if ravers could learn not to throw their trash where they stand. We could even get along with cowboys and ranchers but, wearing Vix masks and glitter in front of the good ole boys don't help much... knowhatimean? You can't roll your eyes to the back of your head and reek of eucalyptus and expect a hug from someone who wears a belt buckle wider than your torso. Still, we made this a memorable night, one I won't forget for a long time.

We got to the town and I felt like I was on the set of a western movie. Except, everything here was genuine, from the stables to the saloon. As we walked through it, I planned to come back and take a bunch of pictures in the morning when there would be a lot more light. But by then, I was out of film. I'll get the whole thing next time since I know there will be other events here in the near future. The party was held in a wide open grassland, enclosed with tall, wooden fences. There was only one stage with minimal lighting, and no fog machines... YEAH! It was like a mini Translucent, minus the annoying fog. There was only two giant speakers with base on either side but, they sounded awesome. The monitors though, were placed awekwardly between the DJs and the crowd and the stage was set up on a not-so-stable flatbed trailer. I think that part of the arrangement definitely requires some improvement. There were a couple of refreshment and burger stands near the stage. But that cozy little saloon, filled to the ceiling with western antiques, was something else.

Before we got in, while walking up to the place, I heard what sounded like live music, including some vocals. I'm guessing that was Tara-Fi but, I could be wrong. DJ Fritz began to spin a tight set as we walked in, followed by Implicit and Entyce who also performed beautifully. But, there was a guy who played a trumpet in the background. Now I'm sure he's an excellent trumpet player and a great musician but, it just wasn't working with the up tempo mixes. I'm sorry but at least for me, it was really annoying. Next in line was the prodigal son of Scotland and Arizona's king of progressive trance, CL McSpadden. Time to put the camera down and join the dancers. I was pretty much in my own world for the rest of his set. The only time I picked up the camera was when I saw the moon next to his face and had to capture it on film for the rest of you. Markus Schulz then came on and... he... fucking... ROCKED! Although he's usually at his best in the club environment, he delivered enough energy through his techno/trance mix to last everyone for the rest of the night. Bittermonk jumped on the wagon after Markus and kept the energy level on the same respectable plateau. Paul-E followed with an encore performance from Golden and although some of the track progressions were a little too familiar, it still sounded and felt wonderfull. Gizmo wrapped it up in the morning and got his own deserved cheers from the crowd.

When we first got there, a friend of mine told me the party had a strange vibe and I agreed. But, I also told her to wait a couple of hours and everything will come together and sure enough, it did. By sun up, everyone was glowing with that magical ravers vibe that goes beyond the effects of drugs and group hugs. THIS is why ravers rave. To let music fill their souls and their flesh. To vibrate and glide in harmony with nature. To feel like they're surfing and dancing on Zeus' thunderbolts. To sweat all life's poisons off and to absorb that primordial ooze of pure love. THIS! This feeling is what unites us. This is why we keep doing it. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year. Young and old. This is the sound of hope. This is the promise of a better future.


We got there kinda late, but found the place OK. That walk to the place from the car must have been a couple miles, though, which sucked. Once we started hearing the boom-boom wafting through the cactus we all got charged up again. That was the coolest setting and the best timing, I mean it really was an electric moon out that night. The smell of the fires and that trance was incredible. I had to go to the bathroom and went way out in the desert. It was such a religious experience with the smell of the wet cactus, the moon, and the music going...my friend kept tearing me away from the dance floor wanting back rubs. This I did not like as I had a bad week and doing anything but dancing would kindof bring me down. That is just me personally, words of advice, though, don't bring baggage into your trip. Anyhoo, I had a blast and all my friends did, too. So many times before, the sun came up too soon and we did not want it to end. The DJ's were bringing the place down! They would tease and tease then explode and get everyone moving again. I really did not want it to end this time, though, as we had not quite come down yet. That walk back to the car was almost as spiritual as the moon being out the night before, but the heat started to get to us after a while...anyhoo, great party, great setting, I just hope they let Wasteland have another one...dunno though as that horse looked like he was on something when we left.

Jon Le Grand

Well I could not get a ride there So I went to Dewey, there I know Ramy you warnt there so let me tell everyone alittle bit about it.....

Dewey.. Well when we first got there it seemed odd dew to the fact it was at the nile and they barley patted me down. To find out later this was dooo to the 4 or 5 NARCS in the party. The music was great we got there as PRG opened up his set of breaks and we were all getting funky. It was fun to see all us ravers dancing i barley saw anyone on the ground. The basement which as you all know is where we usualy go for a little dnb and jungle but it was a chill room with the fake fire and everything it, it was realy a dts party! Jon boy came on leaving me speachless i thought i was going to die, his progressive trance left me in a knot. Everytime i wanted to take a brake, smoke a cigg, and chill he would throw down another track i couldnt sit down too. At the end of his set i was walking swet. Inertia came on and hit us hard with a little paul okenfold and i was screaming at the top of my lungs! This was great the vibe was good... But later I had learned that one of my friends had been caught with e on her. Instead of usualy kicking her out they made her take them, and then let her back in. I would usualy find this cool if it wasnt 5 mdma pills... She looked like a corpse all party.. Dewey taught me something, drugs are become more vital to us then the music and the vibe. The scene started out as nothing but a vibe and music we strayed from this. After seeing my friend in her state and seeing another close friend crying cause she was so scared the vibe was sucked. Nimh came on and i couldnt even dance! Not only this but the way the security went about patting us down was a setup to get us caught by narcs. What has it become , I vote no more Nile parties we need to stray we need a new phoenix venue! All ravers unite with me on this and try and stay away from the nile, and rember its all about plurr not drugz! Peace and love to all you party kids!

Dj Ambiotic

Back to Electric Moon...

Alright, I'll start out by saying that my friends put this rave on, even though it was their first one I'm gonna be unnusually harsh with them.

We found the party fine, it was a little confusing because of that godamned sign that was lit only with a tikki torch, but the directions were good (better than the directions for Translucent). When we got there, we were greeted with many cars parked on the side of the road. Not good. I personally saw at least 5 cars get sideswiped.

After the short walk from the car, we got to the ticket line. We got in one line, were then told to get in another line because we already had tickets. When we got to the front of that line, we were told to get back in the other line because we hadn't gotten our hands marked yet. Way to organize.

After getting the lines straightened out, I noticed something very disturbing, GUNS!!! Yes, the security had guns. This bothered me. Now, I like guns as much as the next guy. I own a few myself, enjoy playing with them, but they have NO place at a rave. Already the vibe was turning wierd.

Once we got our hands marked (and after being hassled because they had issued two different tickets) we got in the shuttle line. Now, I didn't really like the idea on getting in the back of a pickup truck for the ride, so I asked how far of a walk it was. I was told (by the gun toting security guard) that it was 1/2 mile. 3 miles later I was into the party.

We get there and start checking out the location. I have to admit, the venue was amazing. Even the animals were great (did anyone see that horse? I swear it was on something), the buildings were nice, all in all a great place to party. After checking out the town, we made our way into the party and were immediately struck by one thing, the nonexistant light display. Just so you know guys, an outdoor event needs MORE lighting than an indoor event. In addition, the DJ's just weren't doing it for me (or apparently anyone else) in the beginning.

After a little while, more people started showing up and it was beginning to turn into a respectable affair. My friends and I decided to make our way back to the car to pick something up. Our way out was fun, we hitched a ride with someone on his way to Miami (I'm not kidding) and he zipped us all the way out. On the way back however, I discovered something which scared the shit out of me. Remember all of those gun toting, redneck, security guards? They were all drunk off their asses. I also noticed that they didn't like ravers too much. The alcohol, hostility, and guns all mixed to make me feel very uncomfortable.

fter that, everything else came together. Once we got back, the vibe had straightened itself out, the DJ's had gotten their acts together, everything was wonderful. The rest of the night was amazing, and we all had a great time.

Good job guys.


I have to admit that this party sounded pretty damn amazing on paper. A desert rave at an Indian reservation with CL McSpadden, Entyse, Implicit, Markus Schulz, and Paul-E. We're all about driving two and a half hours from Phoenix for that. The parking situation was pretty lame, but once you made the hike to the party, it really wasn't a big deal. We got in about 10:30, I don't know who was spinning but it was among the worst I have ever heard. We knew the trance DJ's were coming so we didn't mind. This was an interesting party in that the vibe started all weird and got progressively better until an epic climax with Paul-E playing a mind shattering sunrise set that rivaled Golden. We brought our video camera again and got some amazing footage. Props out to Stylez for what we felt was a damn good rave. I also want to say that listening to Paul-E spin progressive uplifting trance as the sun comes up over the mountains in the desert... simply amazing. The kind of feeling you don't forget for a long long time.

One last thing for the two girls who "performed" for us in our tent at 6 a.m. THANK YOU!!!!!


I went to this party not expecting all that much, but it turned out that it blew my mind. The location has got to be the most unique location I have ever been to. I LOVE desert parties as it is, but this place made it even more incredible. The lighting could have been better, but there was plenty of other things that made up for it. I had so much fun the entire night, but nothing beat the morning when the sun came up and you could feel this amazing vibe and seen everyone dancing and having the time of their lives. (Although I was VERY sad to see it come to an end) Much respect to the people who threw this party, please bring us another one soon!!! There is one more thing I have to say. I heard that someone gave the horse acid, and if it's true, whoever did it really should think before you act so ignorant.


What a great time. The music started out kind of weak but got incredible as the night progressed. Paul E.'s set at sunrise was amazing as was Rex's tent. I truly believe everbody who attended was in that tent at least once throughout the evening. Props to Rex and his crew and the man who saved just about the lives of everyone there...Gizmo! Good time in a great location. I had a blast.

Cpt. Chronic

Here's another great party for the Sierra Vista Ravers. I personally thought it was one to go down in the books. we all had a blast and the music was excellent!!! I could not stop moving all night long. The walk was a little outrageous but the party was well worth it. We brought a couple first time ravers from SV and this was a damn good example for them. CL McSpadden was great!!!! I loved all the sets but Bittermonk will always be my favorite. The vibe is always so great at Tucson raves and so is the music.

I could have done with out the beatnic-cy music they played until the first DJ got up> That generator could have been gone too but the rest of the night was awesome. The fires were a great touch to that point of the night, it brought some HOT guys into the light too. ;) The whole surrounding reminded me of Sierra Vista as well so maybe that is another reason I liked this rave soooooo much... Oh well...I am going to get back to my everyday life without boring you people any longer. PLUR from Sierra Vista, Arizona


Electric moon... phat party we got there ahead of time so we were on the 1st shudle..after 12 the party rilly started people came to see the 1st dj.Me and my friends danced all night after a wile more people showd up and every loved the tela tubby.even thow it waz eazy to find alth it wuz a great walk! It wuz alitle disterbing seeing guns on the side of every staff member.HHHMMM at a rave i think not ,of all places a gun to be shown or worn at...A enteresting thing wuz the horse that seem to be rolen harder then any one there, i just hope that hes allright.but besides from that dj's rule the flore and every one had a good time cant wate for the next one...p.l.u.r.


Wow! great Rave! We got there at I don't know what time, and I don't know who was spinnin', but it rocked. That location was proabably one of the the 3 best locations i've raved at. The Davis Monthan Air Plane Graveyard*MINDFLOW IN '95*, and WestWorld paintball arena*ECSTATIC APEAL IN PHEONIX*, being the other two. Vibe ruled, Tinky Winky, who was 2 or 3 of my friends, throughout the night, cicked ass:) Props to Shawn, Art, and the rest of the kru:) I rolled my happy raver lil' ass off, on a half a 007 my friend gave me, and that added to the night, because it was free!:) Lots of hugs, luv, and kisses. Many, many beautifull, wonderfull ravers bouncing around to the beat. Tucson dancers movin' on up. The style some of these kids are puttin' down now is amazing, and this party was a great display on the scene's rising skill. Just a wonderfull evening! Can't wait for the next one, wich looks like it'll be Tucson's most hospitable party throwers, Red&Styles, 'Global Dominance', if they post-pone Nocturnal, like they proabably will, so I'll see you kids there in my new fuzzy red/grey cargos i'm makin'. Gimme' a hug y'all, cause I'll be RoLlIn NuTs, yo!


Well another party down in Tucson, we have to admit the location wasn't the greatest. Walking to the party wasn't that bad, but the way back in the morning seemed to last forever. Parking could have been more thought out, and having some girl go the wrong way didn't help matters. But enough complaining, all in all the party was pretty good. The DJs kicked ass. DJ Fritz was awesome as always. Great Vibes, great music, great people, that's all you need for a party.

Ambrosha and Katherine

I have not been going to raves for a long time, however, based on what I have experienced I would have to say this last one kicked ass. You have already read the usual complaints, so other than that I would say that the area was beautiful and so were the people. I know that I have no intention to stop raving and nor do any of my friends.


I arrived at the party around 11:15 or so. It was cool to see signs lit up with torches. We walked up and as I paid, I saw CL McSpadden, my favorite AZ DJ.

So I walked up and introduced myself, and told him how much I loved his sets. He was afterall, my biggest reason for attending this party. After talking for a bt, he gave me a promo CD! I knew right then this would be a great night.

So after waiting for the shuttle. (Which should have been free) we finally got up there. I thought the Cowtown was kind of cool.

At first, it had a weird vibe. And everyone talking about a girl who got stung by a scorpion didn't thrill me about the location. But things did progress as the party went on.

Where things really turned around for me was when Entyse came on. His set was really good. And the trumpet player, though not really adding much to it, was good too. It was different, so I thought it was ok. :)

Then Chris came on. His set was nothing less than amazing! I love CL and this has to be one of his best ever! It has been a long time since I have heard him spin. I was so excited I was dancing the whole time. (Except for the few times I was running around screaming and shouting in excitement... but I won't get into that) I was in heaven!

Markus Shultz was on next, and his set was pretty good too. After that, things became a blur up until Bittermonk, whose powerful set wore me out.

As I was leaving, I was a little discouraged about the long walk I had. But a nice guy in a red or Maroon Ford Ranger was nice enough to give me and 27 of my closest raver friends a ride in the back of his pick up. So a special thanks goes out to him. :)

The long ride home was made a lot more comfortable with the Promo CD from Chris. I must say, that makes 3 times that he made me happy that night. He made the party for me, as he always does! :)


Been awhile since I hit the Rave scene in Arizona, and I wasnt dissappointed! I brought a new fish with me and she is hooked! The location was transcedental, made me appreciate even more the land I came from! Bittermonk ROCKED and whoever was spinning by the time the sun came up! (hey by then I was enthralled by the atmosphere ya know?) Needless to say I will be back, and hopefully soon at this location because it was quite ironic to see a haven for cowpokes become an event for the PHREAKZ of AZ!

CF til Y2K


Cool and a very unique venue.And yes MINDFLOW 95 was a great location!Musik was tight!I loved the Breaks early on but I was pissed i couldnt find pills for a short spell.But that shortly ended.Entyse was bbbbbaaadddddd azz!!! C.L was good and Paul-e was tight,and yes watch out for those 'Atmosphere Engineerrzzz' to lighten up yo life ! [STYLES]and tha crew... Had a BLAST!


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