Emerald Forest 4 Review

What can I say about the Emerald Forest parties that I haven't said before? This is THE feel-good party of the year for me. The one very special occasion when I can leave all my worries behind and loose myself in the embrace of friends and nature and relish every waking, dancing moment of my time.

Despite the intentional lack of any fancy promotion, we ended up with even more people attending this year than last time. We had only about 120 Xerox flyers printed and I had the info on the site for only about a week. I even took it down after Chris asked me to do so because too many people were talking about this event. Still, we got around 700 people showing up. That's it! Next time, you'll only be notified through the secret "EF" signal;)

Why so secretive? This is to control the number and the kind of people who would attend. Chris wanted to avoid any alcohol consumption or rampant drug use. Did it work? Well, you just had to be there to feel the vibe. Man, what a feeling. Smiles and warm, genuine hugs all night long. Free people, soaring spirits, a few well placed speakers (by the ever-reliable Candyman), great DJs and a fire pit. The essential ingredients for an exquisite gourmet desert rave.

I got there around 11:30 and Tigger was spinning that progressive trance that I love so much. He played a three hour set, followed by Quentin who played some great funky breaks. Then, Adam Case (fresh from Boston) played another set of trance and techno. Robert Oleysyck stepped up next and rocked the hills for a couple of hours. CL McSpadden then came on and played another awesome set of progressive trance. But, despite my constant whining, he refused to play Follow Me. I guess Al's threats about playing that song were serious;) Jason Ayers came on just before sun up and played a mixture of well put together ambient d&b. I missed Al's set since I had to go with my ride back to Phoenix.

This party was WAY too short for me. All Emerald Forest parties are too short. I think we need a two day desert party... soon. Something like the Get the Hell outa Dodge but, with more people and at a warmer climate. Please! Don't wait until winter to throw another outdoor party. Let's give the Nile a rest for the summer, huh?

Until next Emerald Forest... love ya Chris and Yvonne and thanks for another unforgettable night:)